NDCA Policy 2018-19

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Welcome to the National Debate Coaches Association High School Policy Wiki

This is the main wiki page for the current high school policy debate season.

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Mission Statement

This wiki is an attempt to compile and share information about arguments made by high school debate teams throughout the country. The goal of this project is to democratize the process of intelligence gathering so that all high school debate teams have access to the information that has been compiled by all other squads. In this way, the wiki can both improve the quality of the information available and increase the accessibility of that information.

What To Include

When possible, complete citations should be provided. If citations are not available, basic information about the arguments made is still very helpful. For affirmatives, a summary of the plan and advantages as well as information about major 2AC add-ons or responses would be appreciated. For negatives, information about the arguments made in the 1NC as well as information about the 2NR strategies that the team has settled upon are ideal.

It is our hope that squads will contribute all of the information that they gather about other teams' arguments. Hoarding intelligence to gain a strategic advantage undermines the overall quality of the information available to all squads and is antithetical to the spirit of clash inherent in contest round debating. Democratizing the process of intelligence gathering distributes the burden onto a much greater number of people, enabling students and teachers to spend more time generating and discussing arguments and less time chasing down citations.

What Not To Include

Please treat this space with respect: do not post jokes, diatribes about disclosure, chat conversations, images, etc. and do not deface the wiki. While you might think that you are being funny, you are really just creating more work for the volunteers that manage this resource.

Opting Out

While we strongly encourage all squads to participate in this project, those that wish to "opt-out" can do so by contacting us.

How to use this Wiki

On your school's home page, you can create new teams by clicking the "Add Team" button and filing out the debaters names. Links to their respective Aff and Neg pages will be automatically created for you.

You are strongly encouraged to use wiki-syntax for your cite entries, such as that produced automatically in Verbatim. If you are pasting non-wiki data directly from Word, it will be unformatted text.

Basic guidelines for "heading" levels:
Heading 1 - Don't use, it's reserved for titles
Heading 2 - "Hat" or "Section"
Heading 3 - Block Titles/Argument Titles
Heading 4 - Tags

You can use many different types of wiki syntax to mark up your text. Most importantly, you can create headers in the wiki syntax editor by using multiple = signs.
=This would create Heading 1=
==This would create Heading 2==
===This would create Heading 3===
====This would create Heading 4====

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AM Consolidated (TX)
Abernathy (TX)
ACORN Community (NY)
Ad Astra (CA)
Adams (TX)
Adamson (TX)
Advanced Technologies Academy (NV)
Agape Leaders Prep (NY)
Airline (LA)
Albuquerque Academy (NM)
Alief Taylor (TX)
Alpharetta (GA)
Alpine (UT)
Alta (UT)
Amicitia (MA)
Anderson (TX)
Andover Central (KS)
Andrews (TX)
Ann Richards (TX)
Appleton East (WI)
Appleton (MD)
Arabia Mountain (GA)
Arapahoe (CO)
Arcadia (CA)
Archbishop Mitty (CA)
Ardrey Kell (NC)
Arroyo Grande (CA)
Ashland (OR)
Asian Debate League (INT)
Athens (TX)
Atholton (MD)
Austin SFA (TX)
Bakersfield (CA)
Balboa (CA)
Ballard (WA)
Baltimore City College (MD)
Barack Obama Male Leadership (TX)
Barbers Hill (TX)
Barstow (MO)
BASIS Chandler (AZ)
Baton Rouge Magnet (LA)
Beacon (NY)
Beacon Academy (IL)
Beckman (CA)
Bellarmine (CA)
Belton (MO)
Bentonville (AR)
Bentonville West (AR)
Berkeley Prep (FL)
Berkner High School (TX)
Bethel Park (PA)
Bexley (OH)
Bingham (UT)
Bishop Carroll (KS)
Bishop Guertin (NH)
Bishop Kelly (ID)
Bishop Loughlin (NY)
Bishop O'Dowd (CA)
Blaine (MN)
Blake (MN)
Bloomington (MN)
Blue Springs (MO)
Blue Springs South (MO)
Blue Valley North (KS)
Blue Valley Northwest (KS)
Blue Valley Southwest (KS)
Blue Valley West (KS)
Bolivar (MO)
Bonneville (ID)
Boston Debate League (MA)
Boston Latin (MA)
Bravo Medical (CA)
Brentwood (CA)
Briar Woods (VA)
Brighton (UT)
Broad Run (VA)
Bronx Law (NY)
Bronx Science (NY)
Brooke (MA)
Brooklyn Technical (NY)
Brophy College Prep (AZ)
Brown (KY)
Bryan Adams (TX)
Buhler (KS)
Byron Nelson (TX)
C.E. Byrd (LA)
Cabot (AR)
Caddo Magnet (LA)
Cairo (GA)
Calhoun (GA)
Calvert Hall (MD)
Camas (WA)
Cambridge (GA)
Cambridge Rindge (MA)
Campus (KS)
Canyon Crest (CA)
Canyon Springs (NV)
Capital (ID)
Capitol Debate (MD)
Carlsbad (CA)
Carmel Valley Independent (CA)
Carrollton (GA)
Carrollton Sacred Heart (FL)
Carter (TX)
Casady (OK)
Cascia Hall (OK)
Cathedral Prep (PA)
Cedar Rapids Wash. (IA)
Cedar Ridge (TX)
Centennial (ID)
Centennial (MD)
Chamblee Charter (GA)
Chaminade Prep (CA)
CHAMPS Charter (CA)
Chandler (AZ)
Chandler Prep (AZ)
Chantilly (VA)
Charles Page (OK)
Charlestown (MA)
Charlotte Catholic (NC)
Charlotte Latin (NC)
Chattahoochee (GA)
Cherokee (OK)
Cherry Creek (CO)
Chesterton (IN)
Christopher Columbus (FL)
CK McClatchy (CA)
Clackamas (OR)
Claremont (CA)
Classical Academy (CA)
Classical Davies (RI)
Classical Independent (CA)
Clear Lake (TX)
Clifton (TX)
Clovis North (CA)
College Prep (CA)
Colleyville Heritage (TX)
Columbus (GA)
Coppell (TX)
Coppell 9th (TX)
Copper Hills (UT)
Coral Academy of Science (NV)
Corona Del Sol (AZ)
Coronado (NV)
Cosby (VA)
Crandall (TX)
Crenshaw (CA)
Crescenta Valley (CA)
Crosby (TX)
Cross Keys (GA)
Crossings Christian (OK)
Cupertino (CA)
Cypress Bay (FL)
Damien (CA)
Dana Hall (MA)
Davidson Academy (NV)
Davis (CA)
Dawson (TX)
Debate Rhode Island (RI)
Decatur (GA)
Denver Arts (CO)
Denver Center For Int'l Studies (CO)
Denver East (CO)
Denver School of the Arts (CO)
Derby (KS)
Des Moines Roosevelt (IA)
Desert Vista (AZ)
Detroit Catholic Central (MI)
Detroit Country Day (MI)
Detroit School of Arts (MI)
Dexter (MI)
Diamond Bar (CA)
DMV Independent (MD)
Dominion (VA)
Dougherty Valley (CA)
Dow (MI)
Dowling Catholic (IA)
Downtown Magnets (CA)
Drew Charter (GA)
Dripping Springs (TX)
Druid Hills (GA)
Dulles (TX)
Dunwoody (GA)
Eagan (MN)
Eagle (ID)
Eaglecrest (CO)
East (UT)
East Chapel Hill (NC)
East Early (TX)
East Kentwood (MI)
East Side HS (NJ)
Eastlake (WA)
Eden Prairie (MN)
Edgemont (NY)
Edina (MN)
Edmond North (OK)
Edmond Santa Fe (OK)
Eisenhower (KS)
El Cerrito (CA)
Elizabeth Learning Center (CA)
Elkhorn South (NE)
Elkins (TX)
Emery (CA)
Emporia (KS)
Encinitas Independent (CA)
Evanston (IL)
Excel (MA)
Fairmont Prep (CA)
Fairview (CO)
Fayetteville (AR)
Field Kindley (KS)
Flagstaff (AZ)
Fort Collins (CO)
Fort Lauderdale (FL)
Fort Osage (MO)
Fox Chapel (PA)
Fremont (NE)
Friendswood (TX)
Fullerton Union (CA)
Gabrielino (CA)
Galloway (GA)
Garden City (KS)
Garfield (WA)
Garza (TX)
George Walton (GA)
George Washington (CO)
Georgetown Day (DC)
Gig Harbor (WA)
Glenbrook North (IL)
Glenbrook South (IL)
Glendale (MO)
Goddard (KS)
Gonzaga Prep (WA)
Grand Rapids City (MI)
Granite Bay (CA)
Grapevine (TX)
Green Canyon (UT)
Green Valley (NV)
Greenhill (TX)
Greenwood (AR)
Greenwood Lab (MO)
Groves (MI)
Gulliver Prep (FL)
Gunn (CA)
Guyer (TX)
Guymon (OK)
Hallsville (TX)
Halstrom (CA)
Hamilton (AZ)
Hamilton (MT)
Harbor Teacher Prep (CA)
Harker (CA)
Harlingen South (TX)
Harrisonburg (VA)
Harvard-Westlake (CA)
Hawken (OH)
Head Royce (CA)
Heartland Debate (SD)
Hebron (TX)
Heights (TX)
Hendrickson (TX)
Henry W. Grady (GA)
Heritage Hall (OK)
Highland (ID)
Highland (UT)
Highland Park (MN)
Highland Park (TX)
Hillcrest (UT)
Hockaday (TX)
Holy Cross (LA)
Homestead (WI)
Homewood Flossmoor (IL)
Hoover (OH)
Houston Academy for Int'l Studies (TX)
Houston County (GA)
Houston Memorial (TX)
Humanities and Arts Academy (CA)
Hume Fogg (TN)
Hunter College (NY)
Hutchinson (KS)
ICT Independent (KS)
IDEA Fannin (TX)
Ingraham (WA)
Institute for Collaborative Education (NY)
Interlake (WA)
Iowa City High (IA)
Iowa City West (IA)
Irma Rangel Young Women (TX)
Isidore Newman (LA)
Jack C Hays (TX)
Jackson (OH)
Jackson Hole (WY)
James Bowie (TX)
James Logan (CA)
Jefferson (TX)
Jefferson City (MO)
Jenks (OK)
Jesuit Dallas (TX)
Joel E Ferris (WA)
John B Connally (TX)
John C Fremont (CA)
John Paul II (TX)
Johns Creek (GA)
Johnston (IA)
Jones College Prep (IL)
Joplin (MO)
JSEC LaSalle (RI)
Juan Diego (UT)
Junction City (KS)
June Jordan (CA)
Kamiak (WA)
Kapaun Mount Carmel (KS)
Katy (TX)
Katy Taylor (TX)
Kealing MS (TX)
Kearns (UT)
Kent Denver (CO)
Kermit (TX)
Kerr (TX)
Khan Lab (CA)
Kickapoo (MO)
Kimball (TX)
Kingfisher (OK)
Kinkaid (TX)
Kipp King Collegiate (CA)
Kudos College (CA)
La Costa Canyon (CA)
La Crosse Central (WI)
La Cueva (NM)
La Reina (CA)
La Salle College (PA)
Lafayette High School (LA)
Laguna Hills (CA)
Lake City (ID)
Lake Oswego (OR)
Lake Travis (TX)
Lakeland (NY)
Lakeville North (MN)
Lakeville South (MN)
Lane Tech (IL)
Langham Creek (TX)
Lansing (KS)
Law Magnet (TX)
Lawrence (KS)
Lawrence Free State (KS)
Layton (UT)
Lee's Summit West (MO)
Lee's Summit (MO)
Leland (CA)
Leon Goldstein (NY)
Leucadia Independent (CA)
Lewis and Clark (WA)
Lexington (MA)
Liberal Arts & Science Academy (TX)
Liberty (MO)
Lilburn (GA)
Lincoln (OR)
Lincoln College (KS)
Lincoln College (MO)
Lincoln East (NE)
Lincoln HS (NE)
Lincoln Park (IL)
Lindale (TX)
Lindblom Math&Science (IL)
Lionel Wilson (CA) 
Little Cypress Mauriceville (TX)
Little Rock Central (AR)
Little Rock Hall (AR)
Littleton Independent (CO)
Logan (UT)
Lone Peak (UT)
Lovejoy (TX)
Lowell (CA)
Loyola (CA)
Loyola Blakefield (MD)
Lynbrook (CA)
Madison (TX)
Madison Central (MS)
Madison East (WI)
Magnolia (TX)
Maine East (IL)
Maize (KS)
Maize South (KS)
Mamaroneck (NY)
Mannford (OK)
Mapleton (CO)
Marist (GA)
Marquette (WI)
Marriotts Ridge (MD)
Marshfield (MO)
McClintock (AZ)
McDonogh (MD)
McDowell (PA)
McKinney (TX)
McKinney Boyd (TX)
Meadows (NV)
Melissa (TX)
Midway (TX)
Mildred (TX)
Mill Valley (KS)
Millard North (NE)
Millard South (NE)
Millard West (NE)
Milpitas (CA)
Minneapolis South (MN)
Miramonte (CA)
MLK Jr Early College (CO)
MLK Magnet (TN)
Modernbrain (CA)
Molina (TX)
Monsignor Kelly (TX)
Monta Vista (CA)
Montgomery (TX)
Montgomery Bell (TN)
Moore (OK)
Morgan (UT)
Morrison Christian (TW)
Mount Carmel Independent (KS)
Mount Pleasant (TX)
Mount Vernon (WA)
Mount Vernon Presbyterian (GA)
Mountain Brook (AL)
Mt Hebron (MD)
Mt Pleasant (CA)
Mukwonago (WI)
Muldrow (OK)
Mysa (MD)
National Cathedral (DC)
Nederland (TX)
Needham (MA)
Neenah (WI)
Nevada Union (CA)
New Designs (CA)
New Manchester (GA)
New Mission Boston Community Leadership (MA)
New Tech (CA)
New Trier (IL)
Newark Science (NJ)
Newark Tech (NJ)
Newburgh Free Academy (NY)
Newport (WA)
Newton (KS)
Niles North (IL)
Niles West (IL)
Norfolk (NE)
Norman North (OK)
North Broward (FL)
North Crowley (TX)
North Dallas (TX)
North Houston (TX)
North Lamar (TX)
North Star Academy (CO)
North Star Academy (NJ)
Northside (IL)
Northview (GA)
Northwood (CA)
Notre Dame (CA)
Oak Grove (CA)
Oak Hall (FL)
Oak Hill (OR)
Oak Park River Forest (IL)
Oakland High (CA)
Oakland Tech (CA)
Oakton (VA)
Oakwood (CA)
Oakwood (OH)
Ogden International (IL)
Okemos (MI)
Olathe East (KS)
Olathe North (KS)
Olathe Northwest (KS)
Olathe West (KS)
Omaha Westside (NE)
Oregon Episcopal (OR)
Otay Ranch (CA)
Overland Park North Independent (KS)
Overland Park Southwest Independent (KS)
Pace Academy (GA)
Padre Pio (OH)
Paideia (GA)
Palo Verde (NV)
Palos Verdes (CA)
Park City (UT)
Park Hill (MO)
Park Hill South (MO)
Parkview (AR)
Parkview (MO)
Parkway Central (MO)
Parkway West (MO)
Peak to Peak (CO)
Pembroke Hill (MO)
Peninsula (CA)
Penn (IN)
Perry (OH)
Petal (MS)
Phoenix Country Day (AZ)
Phoenix Military (IL)
Pine Crest (FL)
Pittsburgh Central (PA)
Plano East (TX)
Presentation (CA)
Prosper (TX)
Polytechnic (CA)
Port of Los Angeles (CA)
Portage Northern (MI)
Portland Independent (OR)
Potomac (VA)
Princess Anne (VA)
Puget Sound Community (WA)
Puyallup (WA)
Quarry Lane (CA)
Raleigh Hills (OR)
Ralston (NE)
Rancho Bernardo (CA)
Rangel (TX)
Ransom Everglades (FL)
Raymore-Peculiar (MO)
Raytown South (MO)
Reagan (TX)
Redmond (WA)
Reservoir (MD)
Richardson (TX)
Ridge (NJ)
Ridge Point (TX)
River Hill (MD)
Riverfield (OK)
Riverwood (GA)
Robert McQueen (NV)
Rocky Mountain (CO)
Rogers Heritage (AR)
Ronald Reagan (WI)
Roosevelt (MN)
Roosevelt (TX)
Rose City Independent (OR)
Rosemont (CA)
Rosemount (MN)
Roseville (MN)
Rosseau Independent (CA)
Roswell (GA)
Round Rock (TX)
Rowland Hall (UT)
Rowlett (TX)
Roy (UT)
Royse City (TX)
Rufus King (WI)
Rural Independent (KS)
Ruston (LA)
SA Bed-Stuy (NY)
SA Bronx 2 Middle (NY)
SA East Flatbush (NY)
SA Harlem North Central (NY)
SA Harlem West (NY)
Sage Ridge (NV)
Saginaw (TX)
Saint Mary's Hall (TX)
Salem Hills (UT)
Salpointe Catholic (AZ)
Sam Barlow (OR)
Samuell (TX)
San Dieguito Academy (CA)
San Marcos (TX)
San Marino (CA)
Santa Margarita (CA)
Saratoga (CA)
Science Magnet (TX)
Seagoville (TX)
Seaholm (MI)
SEM Dallas (TX)
Sentinel (MT)
Seven Lakes (TX)
Shawnee Heights (KS)
Shawnee Mission East (KS)
Shawnee Mission Northwest (KS)
Shawnee Mission South (KS)
Shawnee Mission West (KS)
Sheboygan North (WI)
Sidwell Friends (DC)
Silver Creek (CA)
Sioux Falls Lincoln (SD)
Sioux Falls Roosevelt (SD)
Sioux Falls Washington (SD)
Skiatook (OK)
Skyline (CA)
Skyline (TX)
Skyline (UT)
Skyview (UT)
Slocum (TX)
Small Schools Debate Coalition (CA)
Solorio (IL)
Sonoma Academy (CA)
Soulsville (TN)
South East (CA)
South Eugene (OR)
South Gate (CA)
Southlake Carroll (TX)
Springfield Central (MO)
St Andrews Episcopal (MS)
St Croix (MN)
St Francis (CA)
St Georges (WA)
St Ignatius (OH)
St Ignatius (IL)
St James (AL)
St Johns College (DC)
St Marks (TX)
St Marys Hall (TX)
St Paul Central (MN)
St Paul Como Park (MN)
St Peters Classical (TX)
St Petersburg (FL)
St Vincent de Paul (CA)
STEAM Legacy (CA)
Stern MASS (CA)
Stockdale (CA)
Stone Bridge (VA)
Strake Jesuit (TX)
Stratford (GA)
Strath Haven (PA)
Stuyvesant (NY)
Sumner (KS)
Sunset (TX)
Taft (IL)
Taiwan Independent (TW)
Taravella (FL)
Thomas County Central (GA)
Thomas Jefferson (TX)
Thomas Jefferson (VA)
Thomas Kelly (IL)
Thorndale (TX)
Thurston (OR)
Timberline (ID)
Topeka (KS)
Torrey Pines (CA)
Traverse City Central (MI)
Trinity Academy (KS)
Trinity Prep (FL)
Trinity Valley (TX)
Truman (MO)
Truman (PA)
Tualatin (OR)
Tuloso-Midway (TX)
Tulsa (OK)
Tulsa Union (OK)
Unionville (PA)
University (CA)
University (NJ)
University (TN)
U. Chicago Lab (IL)
University Prep (MI)
Valdosta (GA)
Valley International (CA)
Valor Academy (CA)
Vashon High School (WA)
Veritas Prep. (AZ)
Victoria East (TX)
Village (TX)
Vista Independent (CA)
Wakeland (TX)
Wallenberg Traditional (CA)
Walter Payton (IL)
Warren (TX)
Washburn (MN)
Washburn Rural (KS)
Washington (SD)
Washington Technology Magnet (MN)
Watertown (SD)
Wayzata (MN)
WB Ray (TX)
West (UT)
West Bloomfield (MI)
West Campus (CA)
West Des Moines Valley (IA)
Westinghouse (IL)
Westlake (GA)
Westlake (TX)
Westminster Schools (GA)
Weston (MA)
Westside (TX)
Westview (OR)
Westwood (TX)
Wheeler (GA)
White (TX)
Whitefish Bay (WI)
Whitney Young (IL)
Wichita East (KS)
Will Rogers (OK)
William Chrisman (MO)
Wilmer-Hutchins (TX)
Wilson (DC)
Wilson (TX)
Winston Churchill (TX)
Woodgrove (VA)
Woodlands (TX)
Woodrow Wilson (TX)
Woodside (CA)
Woodward Academy (GA)
Woonsocket (RI)
Wooster (OH)
WW Samuell (TX)
Wylie (TX)